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Also known as The City of Fountains, Kansas City is the most centrally located major metropolitan area, and the home of barbecue, jazz, and inspiring entertainment. First Fridays are a signature downtown event, attracting over 10,000 residents and tourists to enjoy local art, music, and food.
Built in 1929, UNION was formerly a film processing center. Filmmakers came to Kansas City to develop their film as an alternative to the lofty prices in New York and California.
Kansas City lies on the Missouri-Kansas border, which often causes confusion for travelers. State Line Road serves as the dividing line, and is a simple landmark to determine which state you are in. If you are west, you are in Kansas. If you are east, you are in Missouri.
local favorites
Beer Kitchen | Honest food + carefully selected beer
Mildred’s | Home of “The Standard Breakfast Sandwich”
Q39 – Midtown | Backyard BBQ
Riverfront Heritage Trail | 15 mile bike/pedestrian pathway
Boulevard Brewing Co. | Largest specialty brewer in the Midwest
First Fridays | Discover local businesses
Power & Light District | Cultural + entertainment destination
Up-Down KC | Vintage arcade games + full bar

There is ample and free parking available within two blocks of UNION. We highly recommend taking the free Kansas City Streetcar for a true Kansas City experience, or catching an Uber so you can travel worry-free. Here’s a parking map.


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